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Jan, 2020



Tryout questions can be sent to: [email protected].  If your child's birth year is not shown below please contact the coaches listed under "TEAM CENTRAL" for information on individual team tryouts for U14 and older.

Players must use the registration link to pre-register for tryouts - HERE

     Elite Team Tryouts

Birth Year  Gender Dates  Team Tryout Time Arrive By
2005 Boys  TBD  Elite Breakers TBD   
2006  Boys  TBD  Elite Sharks TBD   
2008 Boys   MONDAY March 30th & April 6th  Elite Red Bulls 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm 
 2009 Boys  TUESDAY March 31st & April 7th  Elite Munich 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm
 2010 Boys  TUESDAY March 31st & April 7th   Elite Everton   4:30 to 6pm   4:15pm 
 2011 Boys   MONDAY March 30th & April 6th  Elite  PSG  4:30 to 6pm  4:15pm
 2012 Boys  FRIDAY April 3rd & 10th  Elite Dortmund  4:30 to 6pm   4:15pm
 2013 Boys  FRIDAY April 3rd & 10th  Elite  TBD   6pm to 7:30   5:45pm 
 2005 Girls  TUESDAY March 31st & April 7th Elite Strikers & Avalanche 7:30 to 9pm  7:15pm 
 2006 Girls   WEDNESDAY April 1st & 8th  Elite Atletico & Villareal 7:30 to 9pm  7:15pm
 2007 Girls   TUESDAY March 31st & April 7th  Elite Napoli 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm 
 2008 Girls   WEDNESDAY April 1st & 8th Elite Chelsea   6pm to 7:30 5:45pm 
 2009  Girls  WEDNESAY April 1st & 8th  Elite Spirit 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm 
 2010  Girls   WEDNESDAY April 1st & 8th  Elite Juventus  4:30 to 6pm 4:15pm
 2011  Girls   THURSDAY April 2nd & 9th  Elite Monaco    6pm to 7:30  5:45pm
 2012 Girls  THURSDAY April 2nd & 9th  Elite Porto    4:30 to 6pm  4:15pm
 2013 Girls   FRIDAY April 3rd & 10th  Elite TBD    6pm to 7:30  5:45pm

     U8-U13 Club Sponsored Travel Team Tryouts

Birth Year  Gender Dates  Team Tryout Time Arrive By
 2008  Boys  MONDAY April 20th & 27th  TRAVEL 6pm to 7:30   5:45pm
 2009  Boys  TUESDAY April 21st & 28th  TRAVEL  6pm to 7:30  5:45pm
 2010  Boys  TUESDAY April 21st & 28th   TRAVEL   4:30 to 6pm   4:15pm 
 2011   Boys   MONDAY April 20th & 27th  TRAVEL   4:30 to 6pm  4:15pm
 2012  Boys  FRIDAY April 24th & May 1st  TRAVEL  4:30 to 6pm   4:15pm
 2013  Boys  FRIDAY April 24th & May 1st  TRAVEL    6pm to 7:30   5:45pm 
 2008 Girls  WEDNESDAY April 22nd & 29th TRAVEL 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm 
 2009  Girls  WEDNESAY April 22nd & 29th  TRAVEL 6pm to 7:30  5:45pm 
 2010  Girls   WEDNESDAY April 22nd & 29th  TRAVEL  4:30 to 6pm 4:15pm
 2011  Girls   THURSDAY April 23rd & 30th  TRAVEL    6pm to 7:30 5:45pm
 2012 Girls  THURSDAY April 23rd & 30th  TRAVEL    4:30 to 6pm 4:15pm
 2013 Girls   FRIDAY April 24th & May 1st  TRAVEL    6pm to 7:30 5:45pm

Wall Soccer Club Online Tryout Waiver
• I understand that I am registering my child for a competitive travel soccer program where players must tryout and be accepted onto a team each seasonal year and coaches commit to a seasonal year assignment every year.
• I understand that teams are formed and flighted based on player ability.
• I understand that it is critical that each player is given equal consideration during tryouts and that each player is placed on the proper team based on evaluations, regardless of school or friendship groups, to ensure a positive soccer experience that allows each player to gain confidence, skill and awareness so they can most effectively develop their skill as a soccer player.
• I understand that Wall Soccer Club's Player Development Pyramid is designed in conjunction with US Soccer's Player Development Objectives for improved teaching and faster learning.
• I understand that by accepting a position for my child within Wall Soccer Club for the Fall travel season I am committing to payment of non-refundable Club registration fees before July 1st. 
• I recognize that Wall Soccer Club is a non-profit, internally funded volunteer organization that invests 100% of its revenue into it's programs, operating expenses and facility improvements.
• I hereby grant permission for my child to participate in the Wall Soccer Club and certify that he/she is able to participate in a competitve athletic program whose mission is "to provide the best possible soccer experience for it's players and their families".