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The Center of Soccer at the Jersey Shore



U-8 Boys 2016 Whitecaps Connor Hansen [email protected]
U-8 Boys 2016 Timbers Cidney Lee Sam [email protected]
U-9 Boys 2015 Lazio RJ Amalfa [email protected]
U-9 Boys 2015 Monza Andrew Bahcheev [email protected]
U-10 Boys 2014 Liverpool Matt Carroll [email protected]
U-10 Boys 2014 Brentford RJ Amalfa [email protected]
U-10 Boys 2014 Leeds Kevin O'Connor [email protected]
U-10 Boys 2014 Fulham Cidney Lee Sam [email protected]
U-10 Boys 2014 West Ham Connor Hansen [email protected]
U-11 Boys 2013 Ajax Connor Hansen [email protected]
U-11 Boys 2013 Amsterdam Paul McGinty [email protected]
U-11 Boys 2013 Hague Peter DeBenedetto [email protected]
U-12 Boys 2012 Dortmund Raymond Wealth [email protected]
U-12 Boys 2012 Hoffenheim Paul McGinty [email protected]
U-12 Boys 2012 Frankfurt Nick Chappell [email protected]
U-13 Boys 2011 PSG Matt Carroll [email protected]
U-13 Boys 2011 Lyon Kevin O'Connor [email protected]
U-14 Boys 2010 Everton Joseph Schmid [email protected]
U-14 Boys 2010 Tottenham RJ Amalfa [email protected]
U-14 Boys 2010 Newcastle Devyn Josko [email protected]
U-15 Boys 2009 Munich Nick Chappell [email protected]
U-16 Boys 2008 Red Bulls Nick Chappell [email protected]
U-17 Boys 2008 Villa Real Mike Turtle [email protected]
U-17 Boys 2007 Valencia Gerry Linn [email protected]
U-18 Boys 2006 Sharks Andrew Bahcheev [email protected]
U-18 Boys 2006 Atletico Jonathan Schmid [email protected]