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The Center of Soccer at the Jersey Shore



U-8 Girls 2016 Sounders Joseph Schmid [email protected]
U-8 Girls 2016 Fire Jess Johnson [email protected]
U-9 Girls 2015 Atalanta Jenna Bower [email protected]
U-9 Girls 2015 Torino Cidney Lee Sam [email protected]
U-9 Girls 2015 Verona Brett Czerwinski [email protected]
U-10 Girls 2014 Manchester City Joseph Schmid [email protected]
U-10 Girls 2014 Southampton Raymond Wealth [email protected]
U-10 Girls 2014 Aston Villa Cidney Lee Sam [email protected]
U-10 Girls 2014 Sheffield Brett Czerwinski [email protected]
U-11 Girls 2013 Crew Bree Cassidy [email protected]
U-11 Girls 2013 Union Brett Czerwinski [email protected]
U-11 Girls 2013 Dynamo Devyn Josko [email protected]
U-12 Girls 2012 Porto Jonathan Schmid [email protected]
U-12 Girls 2012 Sporting Bri Lulongo [email protected]
U-12 Girls 2012 Braga Frank Cocchi [email protected]
U-13 Girls 2011 Monaco Raymond Wealth [email protected]
U-13 Girls 2011 Marseille Connor Hansen [email protected]
U-14 Girls 2010 Juventus Jonathan Schmid [email protected]
U-14 Girls 2010 Milan Bri Lulongo [email protected]
U-14 Girls 2010 Roma Nick Chappell [email protected]
U-15 Girls 2009 Spirit Joseph Schmid [email protected]
U-16 Girls 2009 Pride Tommie Boykin [email protected]
U-16 Girls 2009 Stars Peter DeBenedetto [email protected]
U-17 Girls 2007 Napoli Jonathan Schmid [email protected]
U-17 Girls 2007 Tigers Connor Hansen [email protected]