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Mandatory Background Checks for Coaches & Volunteers

Instant Verification, Inc. manages background checks for Wall Township Recreation with specific rules under which the Wall Soccer Club abides by.

Everyone who participates in any form of volunteer or coaching capacity with the Wall Soccer Club, including helping out at fields, tournaments, assist coaches and managers with teams, must pass the mandatory Instant Verification background checks. You are expected to have ID cards on you at all times when on the soccer fields. There are no exceptions to the rule, so if you are unsure if you need to go through the process, please ask.

Please read this, follow the instructions carefully and if anyone has any questions, please contact Instant Verification directly at (732) 740-1863.


  • MorphoTrak Fingerprint Form – Please print out first:

Fingerprint Instructions;

After you have printed out the “Universal Volunteer Fingerprint Form,” follow the instructions below;

1. Complete the “Universal Volunteer Fingerprint Form.”
2. For Box #7, please enter “N10002”…this is Wall Soccer Club’s code.
3. You may leave Box #8 blank unless instructed to do so.
4. To schedule your fingerprinting appointment, click on the MorphoTrak web site link Follow instructions to schedule your fingerprinting appointment. For New Applicants, click the “Start Here” box on the left hand side of the page under New Applicants. For returning applicants, use your previous ‘Applicant ID No.
5. For (Form Box 1), where it asks for the Originating Agency Number, select NJ920610Z – Youth Serving Organization (located closer to the bottom of the list).
6. For (Form Box 2) Category, select YSB.
7. For (Form Boxes 3-4) Statute / Reason for Printing Statute, select 15A:3A-1 Youth Serving Organization Volunteer.
8. For (Form Box 5) Document Type, select VB1 Both Federal and State Cards, Volunteer.
9. For (Form Box 7) Contributor’s Case Number, put down the same number you entered in Box # 7 of your (MorphoTrak) Universal Volunteer Fingerprint Form….N10002.
10. Click Continue.
11. Continue filling out the MorphoTrak (Sagem Morpho Inc.) application to schedule your fingerprinting appointment.
12. Fill in your Applicant ID No. (you will get this # after you enter all of your personal information) and Scheduled Site / Date / Time at the bottom of your Universal Fingerprint Form.
13. Before you attend your fingerprint appointment, please refer to the website for directions, what items you are required to bring and any other related questions.
Picture for ID Cards & Reimbursement
  • You will need to have your picture taken by Instant Verification for the ID card. Occasional emails will be sent out by the Wall Soccer Club when the next scheduled date and times have been established…usually they the pictures are taken at the Wall Municipal Building. You may also contact the Wall Recreation offices for dates and times.
  • Once completed your cards will be available for collection at the Wall Recreation offices.
  • For reimbursement of the fee, please bring your MorphoTrak receipt when collecting your card from Wall Recreation.                                    
  • Contact [email protected] with any questions regarding the Kidsafe or Fingerprinting procedures.